November 6, 2022
Noah Horn, Music Director
Epicenter at Artists for Humanity

Program notes, soloist bios, texts/translations

Join us for the debut of new Music Director Noah Horn as we dive deep into music about oceans and seas. Featuring Golijov’s Oceana, a groundbreaking Latin jazz cantata inspired by J.S. Bach, this concert explores the sounds and sights of storms and calm waters. Experience the stunning visual creations of the Artists for Humanity in an oceanic collaboration at the striking venue of the Epicenter.

PURCELL They that go down to the sea in ships
Mark Andrew Cleveland, bass
Jennifer Webb, mezzo soprano

MONDONVILLE Elevaverunt flumina, from Dominus regnavit

DRAUGHN Wade in the Water
Rachel Webb, soprano

MÄNTYJÄRVI Canticum Calamitatis Maritimae
Felicity Salmon, soprano
James Liu, bass

PARRY Crossing the Bar

DRAUGHN On This Wondrous Sea (Public Premiere)

ABELA We are the night ocean
Allyn McCourt, bass
Kay Patterson, soprano

Jeannette Lee, mezzo soprano
Jennifer Webb, mezzo soprano
Elizabeth Hewitt, soprano

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